50 cities across Europe demand their European symbols back!

JEF-Europe Press Release

, by JEF Europe

50 cities across Europe demand their European symbols back!

Federalist vibes spread across Europe on 13-14th December as over 50 cities demanded their symbols back. The successful pan European action initiated and co-ordinated by the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) demonstrates the importance of EU symbols to young Europeans, as activists waved the EU flag and demonstrated with clear signs ’I want my flag back!’ and ’This is my flag!’.

Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg also demonstrated in the Parliament building holding the slogan ’We want our flag back!’. “Through this action, our MEPs, as well as civil society expressed that although the Lisbon Treaty is a step forward it does not constitute the final goal of European integration” – declared Samuele Pii, President JEF Europe – “We sincerely thank all participants for the spontaneous actions across the continent” – continued Pii.

From Ankara to Cardiff, from Riga to Barcelona young Europeans rejected the notion of a Europe of treaties and a lack of reference to the symbols of the EU. In Brussels, JEF-Europe demonstrated outside the European Council, while in Lisbon the action took place during the official celebrations of the signing of the Lisbon Treaty.

young Europeans reject the notion of a Europe of treaties and a lack of reference to EU symbols

“The success of the initiative suggests that this may not be a one off action” stated Toni Giugliano, Vice President JEF Europe and co-ordinator of the ’I want my flag back!’ action. “By defending the symbols we share the vision of a real democratic and federal Europe. It is clear that this action will not end until our symbols have been acknowledged” Giugliano confirmed.

Following the official signing of the 27, the ratification phase is now open. “It will be up to our elected representatives to make the case in favour of this Reform Treaty” commented Samuele Pii – “But the Young European Federalists will not leave the floor open to eurosceptics in those countries where a referendum is scheduled to take place. We are ready for the Yes Campaign in the streets of Dublin!” stated Pii.

JEF Europe is looking towards the forthcoming 2009 European Parliament elections. “2009 is approaching, and strengthening our alliance with the European Parliament is crucial for the preparation of the federal agenda that JEF will propose to the political parties and civil society in the lead up to the elections. We have already received a positive sign from Strasbourg... that is a sign of hope!” concluded Samuele Pii.

Final list of participating cities:

Belgium – Bruges , Brussels; Bulgaria – Sofia; Croatia – Zagreb; Denmark – Copenhagen; France - Paris , Nancy, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon, Cabourg, Nimes; Germany – Berlin, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Jena, Bremen; Greece – Athens, Heraklion, Komotini; Hungary –Budapest; Italy – Bologna, Genoa, Rome, Milan, Padova, Pescara, Prato, Verona; Latvia – Riga; Lithuania – Vilnius; Macedonia – Bitola, Skopje; Malta – Valletta; Norway – Oslo; Portugal – Lisbon; Serbia – Niš; Slovakia – Bratislava; Slovenia – Ljubljana; Spain – Barcelona, Tarragona; Sweden – Uppsala; Turkey – Ankara, Istanbul; UK – Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, London, York

Pictures of the action can be found at www.jef.eu

- Image: I love my flag; source: Photo Gallery of JEF-Europe

- Press Contact: Toni Giugliano, Vice President JEF Europe and action co-ordinator. [email] toni.giugliano at jef.eu [gsm] +44 (0)7756663312

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