Barroso vs. Barroso? Give the MEPs a chance to listen to different alternatives!

, by JEF Europe

Barroso vs. Barroso? Give the MEPs a chance to listen to different alternatives!

“Looking at the results of the EP elections, there is one clear message” states the President of JEF Europe (Young European Federalists) Samuele Pii, “the low participation shows that European citizens haven’t been given an opportunity to have a say on the future of the EU.”

“We blame the main European political parties for turning their backs on a real transnational campaign, based on European issues and failing to propose true political projects for Europe to the voters”, Pii continues.

The Young European Federalists believe that it’s time now for the newly elected Members of the European Parliament to take action in order not to be exclude as representatives of the citizens from the debate on the Presidency of the Commission.

“Even if the EPP is the party that won most support throughout Europe at these elections, Mr Barroso does not yet have the majority he needs to be elected” analyses the Vice-President of the Young European Federalists Jessica Chamba. “Furthermore, it’s very important that the candidate(s) to the Presidency of the European Commission are auditioned and approved by the European Parliament. It would be a neglect of democracy if the President of the Commission were to be appointed next week-end during the European Council”, Chamba continues.

Therefore, the Young European Federalists ask for a real debate about the different political options offered for the next European Commission in front of the European Parliament. “We need the President of the European Commission to be accountable to the European citizens, represented by their elected MEPs” Pii underlines.

Image: Barroso, source: European Commission, google images

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