JEF-Europe welcomes the European citizens’ initiative as a tool to bring citizens closer to the EU

ECI: bringing citizens closer to the EU

, by JEF Europe

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ECI: bringing citizens closer to the EU

From yesterday, 2nd of April 2012, European citizens have more rights and a stronger voice in Europe. Finally the regulation on the “European citizens initiative” (ECI), the new tool of direct democracy provided by the Lisbon treaty, has entered in force.

One million Europeans with their signatures can ask the European commission to start a legislative procedure on all topics within its competences. Democracy, economic integration, environment, social rights, sustainable development are expected to be the main issues citizens will challenge EU institutions to build a better Europe.

Proud of its long commitment and lobbing actions in favor of a citizen-friendly ECI, JEF-Europe welcomes the European citizens’ initiative as a fundamental tool to make Europe closer to the people and to achieve federalist reforms of the Union. It’s now important to assure national implementation of the ECI regulation, in order to give all citizens the same chance to participate, and to work on concrete projects to collect the one million signatures”, states Pauline Gessant, President of JEF-Europe.

Federalist and pro-Europe organizations, as well as trade unions and NGOs should work together to put in the agenda of European politics the most urgent issues at the moment, like young unemployment, social diseases, deficit of democracy and accountability of the EU institutions” further explains Luca Lionello, chair of JEF taskforce on ECI.

Aware of the worrying disaffection of many citizens from the European project, it’s important not to let misused this new tool from Eurosceptic organizations, but on the contrary to create a virtuous circle of European citizens and organizations working together to fill gaps and deficits of the European Union and stress the fundamental importance of political integration of the continent for the future of next generations” concludes Pauline Gessant.

More information on JEF campaign about ECI:

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  • On 2 April 2012 at 22:15, by I want out Replying to: ECI: bringing citizens closer to the EU

    If I were to get a million signatures to require the European Commission to start rolling back it’s programme of integration etc would they work towards that, or is this simply another ratchet that only works one way regardless of the wishes of the people ? Of course if you don’t approve of this comment you need never publish it, again freedom for the people.

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