Editorial: Gypsy and Roma People in Europe

, by Sarah Todd, Tomas Spragg

Editorial: Gypsy and Roma People in Europe

The Roma people have long been at the heart of controversies, especially in Europe where they represent one of the largest ethnic minorities, with 10 to 12 million people distributed over many countries. The majority of Roma people suffer extreme levels of social deprivation in many European states.

In light of the recent Roma expulsions in France, thenewfederalist.eu has decided to highlight the plight of the Roma peoples by posing two interesting articles, which were first published in French on Le Taurillon before the situation came to the fore. The first article in this series, entitled “Gypsies, Travellers, Roma: the Black Sheep of Europe” was originally published on 16th June. The second article in this series on Roma people, entitled “The Passive Poisoning of the Romani People” was published the following day, and focuses on living conditions in Kosovo.

The two articles stress how the Roma people face exclusion and discrimination from both populations and governments. The European Union has become aware of the seriousness of the situation, but as you will read, one may wonder to what extent the union really wants to put these circumstances to an end.

Suggested Further Reading

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