“European Parliament, your time has come”

, by Pauline Gessant

“European Parliament, your time has come”

JEF Europe expresses its strong anger with the results of the EU council on the next Multinannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period 2014-2020.

For the first time of the History, the EU budget has been decreased. “Which support to growth can we expect with a budget reduction? The EU budget constitutes the main driving force for the way out of the crisis.” says Pauline Gessant, President of JEF-Europe.

JEF-Europe considers there is an inexplicable contradiction between the European Growth Pact agreed by the European Council in June 2012 and the reduction of the budget decided by the European Council in February 2013. It also regrets the “poor” amount that was assured for the combat of youth unemployment in the EU. 6 billion euro for a 7-year period, while the youth unemployment overcomes 50% in some areas, is not sufficient and cannot back the adopted pro-growth agenda. “The commitments of the EU2020 to improve social inclusion and sustainable jobs cannot be kept with a budget like this” explains Pauline Gessant.

Once again the intergovernmentalism has shown its limits. The national selfishness and the individual strategies of Member States need to be overcome with the establishment of a truly European budget with own resources and federal institutions.

The upcoming vote on the MFF constitutes a real chance for the European Parliament to show its power and influence the European agenda. It is an unprecedented opportunity to bring EU citizens back on board and give them an actual reason to increase the turnout of the 2014 EU elections.

“We count on the European Parliament to express its opposition to this low-profile budget which put into danger the viability of the European project. On the 8 th February, with the decision of the European Council, it’s the European spirit which lost. Where are the new founding fathers and mothers of the EU? We hope that the MEPs will represent the interest of the European citizens and push the vision of a Europe of solidarity and ambition for the future” concludes Pauline Gessant.

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