European Political Foundations paving the way for a true European dialogue

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, by JEF Europe

European Political Foundations paving the way for a true European dialogue

JEF welcomes the Commission’s endorsement of the revision of the financing statute for political parties and the introduction of European political foundations. After the introduction of the financing of European political parties, the introduction of European political foundations remained to be done as the next logical step. JEF calls on the Council and European Parliament to give swift support to the proposed amendments to have them finalised by the end of the year.

Jan Seifert, President of JEF-Europe stressed: “The great innovation of today’s proposals is the introduction of European Political Foundations. These foundations can play an important role in further fostering the debate about Europe within and outside the networks of the European Political Parties. Developing further the European political space is a central task for the European political parties. We call on the parties to make use of the new opportunities the foundations offer to them also to increase their outreach to European NGOs.”

Seifert continued: “The introduction and financing of European Political Parties has been an important step in the support for a European political space and the development of European democracy. The emergence of European parties is fundamental to create a true European discourse that is not hijacked by national politics.”

“However, the next logical step remains to be done from the side of the Political Parties. Given also the reconfirmation of the Reform Treaty, it is now obligatory for the European political families to present their candidates for the Commission President ahead of the next elections in 2009. This will increase EU democracy as finally the citizens’ votes for the European Parliament will be translated into a visible impact. But if parties do not live up to their obligations all financing of supranational party structures is not worth its money”, Seifert concluded.

The proposals from the European Commission can be found here. The call for proposals for the European Political Foundations will be launched here on Friday, 29 June 2007.

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