Free Tibet..It’s not a game!

, by JEF Europe

Free Tibet..It's not a game!

"The deteriorating situation in Tibet immediately calls for joint EU action to stop the flagrant violation of basic Human Rights," acclaimed Samuele Pii, President of JEF-Europe (Young European Federalists) who criticizes the intolerable Chinese intervention in the region.

During a recent JEF Federal Committee meeting young Europeans from all over the continent gathered in Switzerland to condemn the re-emerging violence and civil unrest in Tibet as a result of the continuing Chinese occupation.

Chair of the Political Commission Global Europe, Philippe Adriaenssens, continues: “JEF is supporting the peaceful demonstrations and urges the international community to react strongly to the unacceptable Chinese infringement of the UN Charter.” He underlines that China has the international responsibility to respect the fundamental human right of freedom of expression and acknowledge the principle of self- determination.

The increasing economic and political power of China will continue to be a source of serious concern as long as the country fails to establish any domestic democratic rule. As China proves incapable of safeguarding the Rule of Law throughout its territory, JEF encourages EU leaders to support the freedom on Tibet by concrete initiatives, while sportsmen are strongly encouraged to publically manifest their disapproval of the intolerable situation before and during the Games” concluded Samuele Pii.


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  • On 6 April 2008 at 17:16, by valery Replying to: Free Tibet..It’s not a game!

    Congratulations to JEF for this policy. Europeans should stand for democracy and strongly promote its values in the world as we will never have global security until democracy is spread everywhere. It is important, while heads of states and government cowardly refuse to boycott the Olympic games, to condemn the human rights violations that the communist dictatorship impose on its citizens.

  • On 18 April 2008 at 05:18, by ? Replying to: Free Tibet..It’s not a game!

    Tibet,belongs to CHINA for ever

    it’s a video made by a chinese student studing abroad. see it. and make your decision

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