How complicated is Europe of nations!

, by Fabien Cazenave, Translated by Quentin Boulanger

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How complicated is Europe of nations!
The flags of the 27 Member States of the EU in 2007 Credit © European Union, 2011

Finally the white smoke came out of Brussels’ European summit: Greece is saved according to all observers

This version isn’t totally wrong: politics eventually gives the A to the vanes of economics. Those ones were, until now, lost among a wind of rumours blown by speculators. Even if the agreement can be criticized we eventually have a real European position.

Europe depends on the German’s good will… impulsed by France

Angela Merkel has eventually given her assent for a real decision to help Greece to be taken. To do so she needed to reach an agreement with Nicolas Sarkozy and we know his taste for this kind of political performance

In the meantime we have been destabilized by the European inability to take a common decision. It has been weeks since everyone asks the heads of state and government to take a position. But without Germany it isn’t possible. But without the French’s impulse, Germany would fall under the temptation to believe itself economically self-sufficient.

The European citizens far away from the diplomatic negotiations

Last Friday, special reporters from televisions and radios waited the white smoke all day long. They had no information to give. Diplomatic negotiations require secrecy until the final result.

At the exit of the summit, each reporter went to the press conference of his national representative, dividing the positions taken. Anyway those are common since the text resulting from the negotiations is the result of a consensus.

In the meantime citizens can’t feel fully concerned by this summit. The negotiations aimed indeed mostly at gathering on a same line diverging national interests. That explains why it took weeks to reach this agreement.

The citizen can however be defined only according to political orientations and not according to sole national interests. We can see it in the reaction from socialist leaders. If they all greet the agreement they propose to orientate European economy toward reflation rather than toward budgetary control.

Europe of nations, this diplomatic Europe, can thus reach little solutions, step by step. But is it really what citizens are waiting from Europe?


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