It’s Time to Stop Homophobia in Europe!

JEF calls for a European framework of common fundamental rights

, by JEF Europe

It's Time to Stop Homophobia in Europe!

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, driving many civil society organisations to the streets. While a draft framework for a common directive to protect all European citizens from all types of discrimination, including homophobia, was already launched two years ago, the process is now stuck due to resistance of several EU Member States. The Young European Federalists (JEF) call upon the European Commission and Member States to re-engage the process and overcome prejudices and phobias!

“Ten years after the proclamation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is now enshrined in the Treaties, the EU is still struggling with matters of inequality and injustice towards minorities,” says JEF-Europe President Philippe Adriaenssens and continues: “It is time to adopt the Anti-Discrimination Directive and finally show the spirit of Europe by giving equal opportunities to everyone.”

“The Commission can no longer hold back this long-needed directive”, says Martin Fischer, JEF-Europe Board Member. “The recent riots at the Vilnius gay pride demonstrate the urgency of measures needed. Especially governments need to take a leap forward and adopt the directive. A blockade policy as Germany’s Federal Government has shown so far is not tolerable. The principle of equality between European citizens cannot be negotiated and human rights must be respected in the same way in all Member States!”

“...civil rights, freedom and justice belong to humankind and not to national governments!”

Human Rights are a fundamental cornerstone of the European Community,” proceeds Adriaenssens. “There are still European citizens facing discrimination and even violence because of their sexual orientation. We are committed to improving democratic participation and human rights in Europe; we promote the recognition of equal rights among all citizens and thus strongly condemn homophobia. The half-hearted attitude within the EU is extremely worrying. Potential vetoes by national governments are considered more relevant than our founding treaties and recommendations democratically adopted by the European Parliament.“To increase awareness on discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people, JEF supports the actions taken on 17th May, the International Day Against Homophobia.”This kind of initiative allows citizens to make their voice heard across national borders showing that civil rights, freedom and justice belong to humankind and not to national governments," concludes Philippe Adriaenssens.


Press Contact

Philippe Adriaenssens | president(at) | +32 472 334 127


Homophobia by Mike Flemming’s photostream; source: Flickr


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