JEF Croatia and JEF Europe set big expectations towards the referendum of accession of Croatia to the EU

Joint Press Release

, by Marko Boko, Pauline Gessant

JEF Croatia and JEF Europe set big expectations towards the referendum of accession of Croatia to the EU

After over seven years of tieing the bond between Croatia and the European Union the citizens of Croatia have their final say on entering the EU.

The Republic of Croatia officially embarked upon her european journey June 18 2004., just to finish the negotiations with the EU in June 2011. and finally sign the accession treaty in Bruxelles 9.12.2011. It was just there that the long, winding and bumpy road of Croatias accession to the European Union entered the last steps towards the finish line.

The last and final goal is yet to be reached – the final decision of Croatian citizens. On the 22nd of January they will come out and have a say (on the second referendum in Croatian history) on whether they are in favour or against Croatia entering the EU.

„There were no doubts on support of Croatia’s accession to the EU, lately the opponents of the idea raised a lot of noise. The current argumentation on the debt crisis should not in any case overtake the decision. We believe it is time for Croatia to take part in European Union issues and accomplishment of common goals.“ states Marko Boko, President of JEF Croatia.

That is why we, young European federalists, appeal to all Croatian citizens to go out on the refendum and make the right decision for both their homeland, and other European countries.

„We are all aware that the situation in which Croatia is approaching the EU is not ideal. However, if the citizens of Croatia mark yes as their answer on Sunday, they will clearly show their belief in the basic values of the united Europe and their willigness to support and develop it through their work and effort. All that in order to reach the final target – the united, peaceful and socially responsible Europe, able to ensure a decent life and welfare to its each and every inhabitant. This is the reason why unity, cooperation and what we – young European federalist believe in the most – the voice and rights of every citizen are important.“ Calls Pauline Gessant, President of JEF-Europe, on the Croatian citizens.

JEF Croatia and JEF Europe do not doubt the choice of Croatian citizens. This way, we would like to invite all of them to fulfill their civil duty, go vote and start working on our Europe, and its development towards a more dignified life for every citizen. Croatia deserves that role, as it does deserve to enter a community she always belonged in.

Croatia, Europe needs you!

On behalf of JEF Croatia, Marko Boko, President

On behlaf of JEF-Europe, Pauline Gessant, President

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