JEF-Europe launches YES Campaign. All eyes on Dublin.

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JEF-Europe launches YES Campaign. All eyes on Dublin.

On 9th May - Europe Day - JEF Europe (Young European Federalists) is launching the YES campaign for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland – – under the banner ’European Youth for an Irish YES’. Ireland is set to be the only EU Member State to hold a vote on the Reform (Lisbon) Treaty, scheduled to take place on 12th June. The campaign network ’European Youth for an Irish YES’ driven by JEF Europe will gather young people from across the continent to convince Irish citizens that Lisbon is a good deal for Ireland and the rest of the EU.

JEF feels the responsibility to be present in Ireland’ commented Samuele Pii, President JEF Europe’. ’European Youth for an Irish YES will demonstrate that this is not only an Irish issue, but a referendum that affects the whole of Europe. Our presence in Ireland will show to Irish citizens that the rest of Europe cares, and that Ireland is part of one European family’ continued Pii.

From a political dimension the Lisbon Treaty may fall short of the defunct Constitution, but there is no doubt that from a reform perspective, the treaty makes considerable advancements in making the Union more efficient, transparent and democratic. From the citizens’ initiative to the Charter of Human Rights, from increased majority voting to public meetings of the Council, the Lisbon Treaty gives the Union many tools it desperately needs, in order to deliver.

’’These reforms have been long overdue’ affirmed Toni Giugliano, YES campaign co-ordinator. ’It is clear that this Treaty is a good deal for Ireland and for the efficient functioning of an EU of 27 Member States. A rejection of Lisbon would take the EU back into political crisis, which would have implications not only on Irish citizens but on all EU citizens’ Giugliano explained.

JEF Europe has chosen 9th May to launch the campaign as a symbol of looking to the future - a future of political European unity, with Ireland at the very heart of it. The Treaty has already been approved in Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Irish public opinion remains split on the issue though all the mainstream political parties will campaign for a YES vote. With the majority of Irish voters claiming to be sitting on the fence, both sides will have a lot of persuading to do.

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Toni Giugliano Vice President JEF Europe, YES Campaign Co-ordinator toni.giugliano at | +44 (0)7756663312

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