Martinique mourning: Maracaibo crash... a year already

, by Pauline Lanon

Martinique mourning: Maracaibo crash... a year already

A year ago, on August 16th 2005, an aircraft from the West Caribbean airlines crashed in the middle of the Venezuelian forest, near the city of Maracaibo, taking away 160 lives. In this plane were 152 people from the French island Martinique. Up to now, no one knows the exact causes of this crash.

On August 16th 2006, the memory is still alive and the island is still mourning. French President Jacques Chirac was welcomed by local authorities to comemorate the first anniversary of this tragic event, which was nothing but one the episodes of the “plane-crash series” launched in summer 2005. Remember?

Did we necessarily have to get to such a tragedy to make the authorities react? Since then a great path has been taken with the so-called “dark list” of the most dangerous airlines. Better than nothing.

To read more about this please check out the following links (available in French):




- Passenger Plane Carrying 160 People Crashes in Venezuela, source: Flickr

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