The Dick Marty Report

, by Sara Avdi

The Dick Marty Report

Mr.Dick Marty is a member of the Swiss Council of States (since 1995), and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. He published an report on the allegations that the KLA committed serious crimes against prisoners held by the KLA, during the conflict in Kosova 1999.

A senior official of Kosova that is mentioned in the “Dick Marty report” told Balkan Insight, that the report was essentially a “political” act, which relies on sources who have an agenda to discredit the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA.

The report benefits Serbia, since negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia are expected to begin the coming months, representatives from Washington and Brussels will take part.

Xhavit Haliti, a senior official of the ruling party in Kosovo, PDK, mentioned in the report by the Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty, a member of the so-called “Drenica group”.

The report says the group, led by Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, committed serious crimes during the 1999 conflict, including the trafficking of organs from prisoners in Kosova and prisoners who had been taken across the border into Albania.

“I was not surprised by the report. I have been following this issue for several years and the contents of the report are political,” said Haliti to Balkan Insight.

He said that the findings in the report were not verified and its content was based on unreliable sources and media reports.

“When I say” Media “, then I have in mind the media in Kosovo and Albania and in particular people who, for political reasons, try to discredit the KLA,” he said.

Haliti said that the report would likely be approved on 25th of January, when the meeting is held in the Council of Europe, Kosovo and Albania need to prepare for an investigation by European investigators.

“I think the outcome will be similar to the results of previous investigations of [the UN agency in Kosovo] UNMIK and [EU rule private mission] EULEX of the KLA,” said Haliti. Haliti said that Marty and all the other factors that helped him to prepare the report should provide evidence to EULEX investigators.

“I think EULEX is an investigative body. It is a European research body. I do not think it is possible that the EULEX investigation unit will be affected by the Kosovo Albanian politics,” said Haliti.

He acknowledged that the report has caused great damage to Kosova, but this would be fixed when the investigations will show that none of the allegations contained in the report by Dick Marty, are true.

Investigations into these allegations have already been made earlier, and the outcome of the investigation have shown that there is no truth to these allegations, made by Dick Marty.

Dick Marty is well known in the political circle as a strong advocate against Kosovo’s independence and pro serb.

U.S state department reacts

The U.S. State Department gave its response to the adverse report, where the Prime Minister of Kosovo is mentioned. “We are aware of it,” said State Department spokesman Philip Crowley, at a press briefing.

“We take all credible allegations of criminal activity seriously. And any proof and sources cited in this report should be shared with the competent authorities in order to conduct a full and proper investigation. The rule of law is crucial for stability and progress in the Balkans,” he added.

Marty is pointing the finger at western countries and international organizations for not thoroughly investigating the allegations and has opted instead, he wrote, to “promote stability in the short term at any cost”.

In response to a question about whether the U.S. has independent information that could possibly confirm Marty’s claims, Crowley said: “There are courts, the ICTY, which has been active for many years”.

“Both the UN and the ICTY has investigated allegations of organ trafficking as far back as 2004, but decided to take no action, but we continue to encourage any cooperation or collaboration in any further investigation of these matters.”

Why now ?

What opted the report and why Mr.Dick Clark decided to go public with it just months before the negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia are scheduled to begin, is up for debate.

Trying to disscredit a liberation army, with a report, that has circulated from office to office, from Carla Del Ponte (also a strong addvocate against the independece of Kosovo) to Dick Marty, is the aim of this report to disscretid the KLA or an entire people ?

By it’s people the KLA is seen as the army that liberated it’s people from it’s suppressor and dictator Slobodan Milosevic, an liberation army that freed an entire people from Serbia, KLA had the full support of NATO and the US.

Trying to discretid the KLA and its leaders that just also happen to be the leaders of Kosovo just before the historical negotiations are set to begin are maybe the best way for Serbian leaders to try to win some sympathy points.

Serbia has still not appologized for the material and human losses the serbian-yugoslav army caused Kosovo and it’s people.

If Mr. Dick Marty posseses the needed evidence to back up the accusations made in the report than hand them over to the proper authorities so that an international investigation into these accusations can begin, and let the judical system speak.

The report will be discussed on January 25th, when the Council meets.

Image : Parliamentary Assembly - Council of Europe


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  • On 25 January 2011 at 13:18, by Koki Replying to: The Dick Marty Report

    But what IF this allegations are true? What then? Albanians in Kosovo should let independent investigation and IF somebody is guilty, they should let justice to be served. Blindly staying behind somebody that may be war criminal will bring them in impossible situation. They must decide what is more important to them.

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