What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 4

Under iron curtain’s shadow

, by Anonymous

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What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 4

Chronicle of events starting with the day of elections

It’s more practical to start the summary of the day late in the evening when all updates are reachable and published. I have much less time to sleep because of this. Today journalists managed to reach 22-year old girl badly hurt during militia exercise. She has the leg not only broken but the bone smashed into many pieces and the first photo shows the vision of execution and the second one shows the consequences. You see a person lying on snow and at least two specially trained men beating up with legs while others going to join them. Militians wear crafted boots which can cause deadly harm when beating an unprotected person. The consequences of such militia exercises are never investigated so the absence of law is common and total. Correspondents tried to record an interview which lasted only three minutes before they were forced to leave. The link below shows this short record http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2KTQlUpQiI&feature=player_embedded I recognize unbelievable feeling when a person I never knew before attracts so much sympathy. Arrests are continued in all regions of the country, so I managed to re-establish contact with only two fellows who are still free. We agreed to communicate twice a day to ensure everyone of us is still free and safe. Long list of offline friends reminds me that I have to rely mainly on myself and God’s help. One of the events is being investigated these days, is the case when 79 militians wearing civil suites were wounded by another regular unit which came from different region of the country, so they were unable to identify each other. Looks as comic example of “friendly fire” while brutal treatment was returned back. Today Minister of internal affairs spoke that all people detained are “fine and comfortable”, especially President Candidates. At the same time lawyer met Candidate Andrew Sannikov and confirmed he has a little ability to move without assistance. Another and even more shocking vision shows Candidate Vladimir Neklyaev shortly before he was kidnapped. He was attacked with storm grenades and guns and then disappeared from hospital. The link shows pictures and video of execution and the picture has the consequences. http://nn.by/?c=ar&i=47586 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jApbdoHO1Zs&feature=player_embedded This candidate is not confirmed to be alive since the day of detention. I am not proud to catch the minister lying unscrupulously since I am overfilled with his lye. One strong conclusion which is possible to make after all we went through is that if you wish something bad not to happen to you, you should not let this happen at all. Pain and death are near and will not disappear until we all understand this.

One of riot policemen disclosed the methods used to make them brutal and ruthless. According to his words, they are sitting in buses and waiting for 12 hours (!) without food, water and movement. This makes them so much upset that when the order for violence comes they have no doubt and no mercy to their victims. Full story in Russian is here http://belaruspartizan.org/bp-forte/?page=100&backPage=13&news=73467&newsPage=0 I notice many actions of support from around the world and hope they will be efficient enough, but the most inspiring news come from Argentine. Dictator Jorge Rafael Videla received what he deserved. Two dictators look very similar and both have too much blood on their hands, so they must have similar fate.

Good luck to all readers!

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