What is really happening in Belarus?

Chronicle of events starting with the day of elections

, by Anonymous

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What is really happening in Belarus?

A JEF (Young European Federalists) activist in Minsk describes the situation in Belarus during the elections and the following days. Read this inside description of what is really happening in one of Europe’s neighbour states.

Election day 19 Dec 2010 - Belarus bloody Sunday

Media are full of pictures and reports, and now the understanding of what happened is starting to appear. All my conclusions are based either on personal impressions or on data from sources I can trust.

People were attacked without any sign of warning and all who have been hurt were hit on the head, so militia was aiming to cause deadly harm.

Two years ago I wrote a story of another march so yesterday’s case wasn’t exceptional.

You may think that no single country in the world will attack its citizens more brutally than a foreign army, but yesterday’s events will assure you that one country has already done this. We suffered a military operation against civilians, provoked by the unidentified men with handheld radios, they broke glass in the entrance of the government building and then the horror started.

We suffered a military operation against civilians.

Remember how the dictator protected his power in the beginning of his 3rd term (here some pictures and imagine the same happened again.

More than 600 people were beaten and arrested and then kept in cold cells and locked cars till morning (-10 Celsius). On the next day they were sentenced to two-weeks prison terms or fines equal to the average monthly income. Courts spend no more than five minutes to each inmate. Relatives are not allowed to see the arrested and are not allowed into the court. Even war prisoners have more rights and protection. It’s a shame to be a citizen of a country ruled by a dictator.

A police lieutenant who was not involved in the violence was wounded during execution but still tried to save others. On the next day his apartment was attacked and now he has joined the other victims of the regime. This video shows the details and difference in ammunition very clearly so militians who acted in execution seem to come from outside the country. If this is true, then only Russia could provide such units.

The sunrise showed white snow poured with blood. Our prohibited flag has the same colours.

Many people were kidnapped during the night by armed people right from the offices, houses and even from hospitals. Kidnappers had no identifying signs and never explained anything. This fate met all party activists (from the Christian Democratic Party Belarus that was refused registration earlier this year) who did not leave offices during the night. From our office even the furniture was confiscated. Charter 97 also has all its editors arrested so updates will not be coming from them. They managed to report only the first day.

Prisons and hospitals refuse to give any data on inmates and patients while first messages of death cases are coming up. Here an article untranslated, maybe Google translate helps.

Now today’s news show continuation of resistance, so more updates will follow.

Now only strong tea keeps me awake.

Day 2, 20th Dec 2010 - similar violence with much less victims

After brutal violence the day before people had the courage to come to the same square again. The number was 100 times less and so the respect should be accordingly bigger. A handful of people of those who lead yesterday’s march managed to escape arrest and they were in the center of events again. After only five peaceful minutes militians in black uniform appeared immediately and with similar brutality. All participants were packed into crafted trucks including half of the people from the nearest bus stop. Prosecution lasted for one hour and in the end everyone including journalists were proposed to leave. The square became totally empty.

Radio liberty managed to make some pictures and video and comments including live people’s voice. Unfortunately comments were full of damnation from one side to another. Citizens can only say that they are totally tired and upset of such constant brutality while authorities are similarly tired to convince people that they are given a happy life with rubber sticks hitting their heads. Our dictatorship is no more tolerating even the smallest signs of disagreement.

The most clear evidence shows how presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaev was executed by a hidden military unit with unlimited permissions. The fact that authorities use such units and that their activity is never investigated shows the real state of civil rights and freedoms in this country ruled by a cruel dictator.

After this reportage my own future also becomes unclear. Political articles of criminal code can be used against me and present experience shows that a case can be fabricated using any charge.

I will continue my publications until the last chance.

Sergei (Minsk)

The author acts as an important collaborator for the JEF Belarus action for the last 5 years. He is a member and activist of the Christian Democratic Party Belarus.

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