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Youth demands a European Referendum

Youth finds strong support on the streets for their demand of a European Referendum on the Constitution

, by JEF Europe

Youth demands a European Referendum

Yesterday, less then a week before the European summit, youth across Europe took to the streets to demand a referendum on the European Constitution – a demand clearly shared by citizens throughout Europe. As part of the one million signature campaign,, the Young European Federalists (JEF) collected thousands of signatures in 20 cities in favour of an EU-wide referendum.

“The message from the referendum campaign is clear - give all the citizens of Europe a say on their future and on the future of Europe”, stated Jan Seifert, president of JEF Europe. Yesterday’s action took place in Athens, Barcelona, Bucharest, Cagliari, Castelfranco Veneto, Edinburgh, Florence, Gallarate, Graz , Jena, Lübeck, Padova, Pescara, Pisa, Ravenna, Salzburg, Turin, Verona, Vienna and York. By building huge ballot boxes symbolising European democracy JEF caught the attention of citizens and asked them to vote in a street referendum on whether they want a referendum or not. The result was overwhelmingly positive.

“Managing to collect thousands of signatures in support of a European referendum in only one day is a strong sign that the demand for a European referendum is shared by citizens in every corner of Europe. This result is something the leaders in the upcoming European Council must not neglect!” said Jan Seifert.

JEF believes that a consultative referendum on a future European Constitution, to be held on the same day as the European Parliament elections 2009, would increase the legitimacy of the EU and decrease the increasing alienation of the citizens to Europe. “Europe should be a project by, for and with its citizens. A European referendum on the Constitution would be a first step to overcome the gap between EU and its citizens,” Jan Seifert concluded.


- Pictures and more info from the action can be found on
- Visit for more information on the referendum campaign
- On 13 June JEF sent a six point demand letter to European leaders. Read the related article at

Image: JEF-Germany collecting signatures, source: Flickr


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