Call for Editorial Team Applications April 2020

, by TNF Editorial Board

Call for Editorial Team Applications April 2020

We’re looking for new members to join the team, working under the direction of Editors-in-Chief Madelaine Pitt and Guillermo Íñiguez for a six-month term (May-October 2020).

Reinforcements will keep TNF thriving and help us provide a valuable contribution to the coverage of all things Europe! TNF provides great opportunities for its writers and team members and, with an eventful few months in Europe ahead, there’s never been a better time to join.

Send your applications to madelaine.pitt at and guillermo.iniguez at by 17:00 CEST 20th April!

We are looking to cover the following roles. Please see below for further details:

  • Interviews Officer
  • Newsletter Officer
  • Section Editor: EU Institutions and European Policy
  • Head of Translation: Italian



  • Source a wide variety of interviews for TNF
  • Produce two interviews per month for publication (either conducted by yourself in article, audio or video format or conducted by someone you have recruited)
  • Help contributors source and conduct interviews
  • Create a system which allows you to keep track of the type of interviews which are being conducted by TNF editors or contributors
  • Co-ordinate with the editorial teams from the other language webzines to share contacts and strategies
  • Contribute to social media


  • Knowledge of audio or video editing software is a bonus
  • Experience of or training in conducting interviews
  • If possible, send an interview you have conducted as part of your application


You could be in charge of TNF’s newsletter launch!


  • Write a short summary of key events in Europe every two weeks ( 300 words, Politico style!)
  • Keep up with TNF content to be able to select our best articles, interviews etc to your summary and draw readers to them
  • Responsibility for managing mailing lists, sending out the newsletter and coming up with creative ways of getting people to subscribe
  • Coordinating with JEF’s webzines in other languages


  • A keen interest in current affairs and high attention to detail
  • Excellent English and ability to write in an engaging and entertaining manner


A section editorship allows you to zoom in on an area which interests you and involves contributing your own articles, deciding what you would like covered in your section, proof-reading articles from contributors and forwarding them to the Editors-in-Chief.


  • Proof-read, edit and publish 3-4 articles a month, either written by yourself or by other contributors
  • Put together regular calls for articles
  • Recruit new contributors to write for your section


  • Excellent English skills: you will be expected to proof-read and edit complex articles by near-native speakers.
  • A solid understanding of what drives EU politics and institutions.
  • Enthusiasm! You will be the closest TNF will have to a “Brussels correspondent”.



  • Selecting articles for translation from the Italian sister edition Eurobull according to the relevance and interest of the article for the TNF readership
  • Issuing calls for translations via the TNF Translators Facebook group and translating articles yourself
  • Recruiting new translators where required and communicating with them via the TNF Translators Facebook group
  • Co-ordinating with the editorial teams of the sister editions to decide which articles to translate
  • Handling and seeking out partnerships with suitable Italian publications


  • Experience of translation (professional or through university)
  • Excellent command of the target language
  • Excellent writing skills in English
  • If possible, send a translation you have carried out as part of your application

Please send applications to madelaine.pitt at and guillermo.iniguez at by 17.00 CEST on 20th April 2020. Applications should consist of a short letter in which you explain your motivation and suitability for the post, and if possible an example of your previous work. A CV is optional.

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