CEU Students’ statements on the Orbán government’s decision

Students’ statements following the closure of CEU

, by Sharon S. Belli

CEU Students' statements on the Orbán government's decision
Photo of “I stand with CEU” campaigners by Stefan Roch

Sharon Belli, Masters student at the Central European University in Hungary collected some CEU students’ statements following Orbán government’s decision to close this educational institution funded by George Soros.

CEU student’s comments to the decision to close Central European University:

“As a Hungarian born and raised in Budapest, I stand with CEU. The legislation passed by the Hungarian government is not just about chasing away one of the most unique and competitive universities from Budapest: it is also about taking away the opportunity of top-notch education from talented Hungarian students, who can’t afford to go and study abroad. I was proud to see ten thousand people marching against the government’s crusade on Sunday.”

Donát Szűcs (Hungary)
Second Year Master Student
Department of Political Science

“Central European University is one of the most important European institutions of higher learning. It is unacceptable that we are being chased out of our home in Budapest by the government without doing anything wrong. In this difficult moment we find comfort in an unprecedented influx of support from leading scientists, Nobel prize winners, institutions, governments and ordinary people from around the world. The wave of solidarity clearly shows people realize it is not just an attack on our university, but in fact it is the freedom to think and to learn that is at stake. Mr. Orbán and his government are on the wrong side of history and this barbaric act will be the beginning of their demise.”

Brian Fabo (Slovakia)
Research Fellow at the Central European University in Budapest
and Researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels

“Forcing CEU to leave the country is unacceptable, it is an act against basic principles and values of European Union and it goes against Hungarian interests as well. CEU gave many people the opportunity to learn and to develop highly qualifying skills while being part of an excellent international community. Higher education institutions and their freedom should be supported and protected by governments. Here it seems not to be the case anymore. What I am discussing and contesting here, is the right to academic freedom in Hungary as in the rest of EU. I hope that what is happening here will raise awareness about the state of democracy in Hungary nowadays.”

Sharon Belli (Italy)
Second Year Master Student
Department of Political Science

“It is our moral and professional responsibility to contest the Hungarian law as far as it is jeopardizing the academic freedom and the democratic regime. CEU is a higher education institution operating in Hungary in the last 20 years and it gave a great opportunity to everyone who studied and worked there to further develop their intellectual and professional skills. Today, Hungarian society is losing an opportunity for future generation.”

Adela Danaj ( Albania )
Second Year Master Student
Department of Political Science

“In these times of uncertainty, each one of us is standing up to defend not only CEU but academic freedom in general. Despite all obstacles, we stand together united against this injustice. Today its CEU, tomorrow it may be you.”

Dominik Brenner ( Germany)
PhD Candidate
Central European University

“Currently, the government is more concerned about the elections next year than how the country will look like in 20 years. Though politicians often behave like this, the degree of disproportionality and irresponsibility is unprecedented. So for us, this fight isn’t only for our institution, but also our country’s future.”

Andras Gal (Hungary)
PhD Candidate
Central European University


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