Donald Trump as President-elect: Dream or nightmare?

, by Julia Aniśko

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Donald Trump as President-elect: Dream or nightmare?
The election of Donald Trump has sparked protests across American cities © Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia/ CC 2.0-Lizenz

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, at around 3 am ET, the intense US election came to a close with a single victor: Donald Trump. While for some it became a day to rejoice, others aren’t feeling quite the same way.

Trump supporters ecstatic, and the rest?

For those supporting Trump, the outcome of the election is simply a dream come true. Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise. What about those who supported Clinton or the third-party candidates, those discriminated by Trump during his campaign, those who are in danger if Trump’s ideas and goals become reality?

The initial reaction is clear: shock. The last few hours as Trump’s electoral votes grew in number drastically felt like a bomb ticking and waiting to blow, and when the outcome was clear, cries of dismay and upset could be heard. Fear and anger swept across many groups of minorities, who felt and still feel betrayed, left to fend for themselves. Across America, protests and vigils are flaring up. The American youth has shown much engagement in protesting against the election of Trump, heading out to the streets and clearly expressing its disappointment.

Minorities fearing the future

The offense caused by Candidate Trump’s rhetoric on Mexicans gives rightful cause for concern. While there is a substantial percentage of Latinos who voted for Trump, around 29%, the rest must now wonder what comes happen next. While early signs show he may not keep his word on his infamous pledge to build a wall, Mexicans and other Hispanic communities face an uncertain future.

The LGBTQ+ community has also reacted with concern. Members of the community search for support as their nightmare comes true. With Trump’s anti-LGBTQ+ stance, many fear a rise in violence and discrimination against the community. Voicing their anger, disgust, disappointment, LGBTQ+ activists prepare for a tough fight.

People of color and Muslims also express their fear, for family, for themselves, for the community. Some Muslim women are warned not to wear hijabs after Trump’s victory. New waves of racism and islamophobia are the main concern, after hatred against these minorities was instilled during the campaign.

And what of the women who supported Clinton and almost saw their dream come true: the first female president of the United States? Trump’s pledge to criminalize those who seek abortion by repealing Roe vs Wade, his rude comments discriminating women and being accused by multiple women of sexual assault lead do not bode well for women in America who are now rightfully distraught, afraid and angry.

Messages of love and support

Beyond the grief and shock, people are finding the motivation to finally stand up and voice their opinions. Many are coming together, using social media to spread messages of love and support to those all around the world. The communities of any minority group are reminding everyone that no one is alone, that they are here for them. Activists see this time not as a time to turn inward, but rather outward, to stand up and fight. Spreading love and uniting is top priority during a time, which for many is filled with fear. The support gives people hope for change, when the future is uncertain.

The stressful time of campaigns has come to an end, as the US election of 2016 presents the future president, Donald Trump. What happens next? We must wait and see.

Tobias Gerhard Schminke, Editor-in-Chief of Treffpunkt Europa, discusses the election of Donald Trump

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