Episode 1 of “We Belong”, the new podcast series on The New Federalist

, by Madelaine Pitt

Episode 1 of “We Belong”, the new podcast series on The New Federalist
With thanks to Yasmine for allowing us to use her photos.

It’s finally here - the podcast series “We Belong” is officially launched on The New Federalist.

The podcast was created by Yasmine Ouirhrane, an advocate for peace and gender equality.

We interviewed her in 2019 straight after she won the Young European of the Year Award - you can read that interview here.

Then we couldn’t help but interview her again last week after we established this podcast partnership! Here is the latest interview.

What you can expect from Episode 1

For the #1 episode of We Belong Podcast we travelled to France to meet Inès Seddiki, founder of the NGO GHETT’UP, which has helped more than 2000 young people in the Parisian suburbs.

Inès is a French-Moroccan young activist and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional living in the banlieues of Paris. In the 80s, her parents immigrated to France to pursue ideals of liberty and equality. From a very young age, Inés faced injustice and this motivated her to take action.

In the conversation with Inès, Yasmine discusses the importance of owning our story and identities, reflected on what it means to grow up in a banlieue and how to turn stigma into strength.

Here it is!

You can also listen to the podcast on:
- Apple Podcasts
- Anchor
- Youtube

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