Europe@School Social Inclusion Series

, by Kimberley Mannion

Europe@School Social Inclusion Series

Social inclusion is an ideal which people across Europe work to achieve every day, from policy makers to young volunteers. JEF Europe’s Europe@School podcast has just released an eleven episode series highlighting this work, as well as taking a critical approach to the problems which still exist and how they tangibly impact the lives of young people in Europe.

At an average of ten minutes per episode, you can learn about social inclusion issues faced by a range of marginalised groups, with stories told by students and activists with personal experience.


Migrants as a group facing significant obstacles is a theme the podcast explored from a range of perspectives. Moira, a former volunteer at the Moira camp, tells us about unaccompanied foreign minors and their situation when they arrive in a European country, through the example of Belgium in this case:

Legislation on migration is also discussed. In episode 3, we look at the European Migration Agenda, the benefits it has brought and where it still lacks and needs reform. How the treatment of migrants translates into human rights issues was explained in episode 8 by Alex:

On a more practical perspective, we spoke to activists and volunteers who have experience campaigning for better conditions for migrants. In episode 6, Krysztof tells us how the work he does creating football teams with young migrants allows them to develop skills to better integrate into their new society. Eve has worked at the Jesuit refugee services in Malta, and in episode 9 she uses this background to give us a detailed round up of what life is like for migrants in Malta:

The Minority Safepack Initiative aims to preserve the cultures and languages of minority groups in the EU, like those of migrants. Pia analyses this for us in episode 11:


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenges to everyone, and no one across the continent has had their life untouched. Disabled people are one group, however, who have been presented with more challenges than others throughout it, and the virus has also shed light on existing problems. Edward describes these in episode 5:

In episode 7, Jessica talks about the relationship between disabled young people and education, the need for lifelong learning and independent living:


The European Commission launched the first European LGBTQI+ Strategy to move towards a ‘union of equality’. Panagiotis joins us in episode 4 to discuss this and all things diversity and inclusion:

Thank you for following the Europe@School series and allowing important voices to be heard as we drive towards a more inclusive Europe.

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