Federalists to provide two election night online broadcasts on Sunday 26 May

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Federalists to provide two election night online broadcasts on Sunday 26 May

Even on European election night, on TV and in mainstream newspapers it is difficult to find live commentary of events made from a pan-European perspective. The main task of nationally-based TV channels is to discuss results in one country.

On 26 May, The New Federalist will fill this gap in cooperation with JEF and UEF. [1] Starting from 8:15pm CEST and finishing just after midnight, the federalists will provide two live broadcasts online – one from Brussels and another from everywhere in Europe.

8:15pm to 9pm : Live from Brussels

On election night this Sunday, the European Parliament will host an open-air festival outside its Brussels seat. At the festival, the federalists will look back at the federalist campaign. Intervenants calling in from France, Finland and the United States will provide commentary on the election results.

The discussion will be shown to a live audience in Brussels, and it will be available for watching on YouTube starting at 8:15pm on 26 May.

9:30pm to midnight : Live from Europe

Starting from 9:30pm, editorial team members of The New Federalist will host a broadcast featuring more election commentary from federalist activists and young people across Europe.

Throughout the night, guests from 15 countries will give analysis of the election campaign in their home countries. Additionally, thematic discussions will draw attention to specific topics, from the role of civil society in the elections to the rule of law, Brexit, and the work of the polling aggregator Europe Elects.

In a pan-European spirit, hosts and speakers in the online broadcast will be based in different countries. The broadcast will be available for viewing on YouTube, in the same link, starting from 9:30pm on 26 May.

Watch the broadcast live on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13oEBg381wY


[1Young European Federalists and the Union of European Federalists.

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