How to get involved in The New Federalist

, by TNF Editorial Board

How to get involved in The New Federalist
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Interested in contributing to The New Federalist? Welcome on board!


Join our writers’ group and our translators’ group to see our regular calls for articles and translations. Writing on a topic suggested by the editors or translating an article from one of our sister editions is the perfect way to get involved for the first time.

Pitches for your own ideas are also very welcome.

Follow The New Federalist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get a feel for our content and consider what you would like to add that would be unique!


Whether you are responding to a call for articles, or pitching your own idea, please proceed as follows:

 Be clear on what type of article you want to write - opinion piece, analysis, news?

 Make sure there is a clear aim of what you want to express in the article and clear take-away message for the reader

 Write a short plan (around 100 words) and send to madelaine.pitt at and guillermo.iniguez at

 Once you have feedback from us, write a strong opening sentence and paragraph to hook the reader in

 Write out the article in a total of 700-1000 words including the opening paragraph, using separate paragraphs for different points

 Explain who people are (e.g. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen rather than just von der Leyen for the first time you refer to her)

 Explain anything that might be considered jargon!

 Avoid sweeping or general statements - instead, make clear points backed up by concrete examples

 When referring to sums of money in budgets, use this format: €150 million (not 150 million euros for example)

 Include subtitles and any sources as appropriate

 Send the draft to madelaine.pitt at and guillermo.iniguez at - one of us will get back to you with any suggested edits

 Any last changes => publication!

 Check out your article on our social media channels. Share it yourself to gain a wider readership!

 If you want to write in other languages, check out our sister publications in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and more!


TNF is launching a podcast campaign called Europe@School and we are looking for contributors until the end of 2020!

No experience required - just enthusiasm and a smartphone.

If you would like to make your own podcasts or multimedia content, please get in touch.


Still something you need to know to get started? Email Editors-in-Chief Madelaine Pitt madelaine.pitt at and Guillermo Íñiguez guillermo.iniguez at with your question!

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