Interview with Anders Adlercreutz – An International Man For an International Position

, by Daniel Björklund

Interview with Anders Adlercreutz – An International Man For an International Position
Jyrki Kasvi, CC BY 2.5 <> , via Wikimedia Commons

In the summer of 2023, Anders Adlercreutz of the Swedish People’s Party of Finland was appointed the new minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering of Finland. In October, JEF Helsinki visited the Parliament Building in Helsinki, where Adlercreutz presented himself and his plans for the term.

Europe is close to the heart of the new minister for European Affairs. Adlercreutz has resided, studied, and worked in several countries in Europe, and even voted for Finland’s accession into the European Union while studying in Spain. These experiences have made Europe an important part of Adlercreutz’s identity, which is why he eagerly accepted the ministerial position, stating that he is “really excited about being able to work with European affairs.”

Adlercreutz highlights the importance of personal connections to other EU countries in his work. Through his knowledge of many European languages and his time living in many EU countries, he has been able to build deeper relationships with many EU countries, such as Spain and Portugal. This has proven especially important during the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union in the latter half of 2023.

As a native Swedish speaker, Adlercreutz has been able to further develop the tight bond between Finland and Sweden. Close cooperation and several meetings with his Swedish counterpart Jessica Roswall have characterised the beginning of Adlercreutz’s term. He believes that close collaboration between the two Nordic countries in the EU will amplify their effect on EU decision-making. With his connections to the member states, Adlercreutz hopes to create a positive and cooperative image of Finland on the EU level.

In his work, Adlercreutz wants to emphasise the single market and its role in the EU. The enlargement process of the EU is another topic he sees as important and expects clear decisions on it soon. He also highlights the importance of strengthening the rule of law process, one of Finland’s priorities in the EU, especially following the developments in Poland and Hungary in the past years. Adlercreutz states that a strong rule of law is needed in order to “create an even, level and stable union where all play by the same rules,” which would strengthen the credibility of the EU in the future.

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