Join TNF - Call for Applications

, by TNF Editorial Board

Join TNF - Call for Applications

The New Federalist (TNF) is the official magazine of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe), the biggest European youth NGO advocating for the creation of a democratic European federation.

TNF is looking for young and motivated contributors, such as Columnists, National Correspondents, translators and proofreaders.

Motivated and consistent staff members will be co-opted into TNF’s board of Directors.

So, if you are young, passionate about journalism, and share JEF’s values, TNF is offering you the opportunity to gain experience in a multilingual European magazine network, which won the European Citizen’s Prize in 2012 and got its first 20 million hits in 2020, after 15 years of online activity.

Columnists Are you a budding policymaker, opinionated, and interested in European affairs? The New Federalist’s columnist position may be for you. The role consists of having the space on TNF to express your opinions, provide policy ideas, and write Op-Eds. It requires the commitment to publish 1-2 articles per month with us as well as taking part in staff meetings.

National Correspondents If you are an integral part of European activism in your town, city, or country, and want to provide us on-the-ground news on what happens in your area, as well as the local federalist scene. Travel to congresses, attend events and panels, and provide us with the juicy details of discussions and meetings taking place in your local area.

Translators (to English) If your ambition is to become a professional translator to English and you are proficient in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and/or Polish, TNF can offer you experience and practice with many articles covering an array of topics! Due to TNF’s connections with its versions in different languages, as a translator you would be playing an essential role in our publications.

Proofreaders If you are looking for a different experience in the editorial world, and if you are an English native speaker or at a C2 level, you could become a proofreader! TNF hosts articles written in English by authors from across Europe, so the proofreader role is essential to guarantee the highest quality possible.

How to submit your application If you are interested in joining the TNF staff in any of the aforementioned roles, please send an email by January 15, 2024, with your resume and motivation to tnf at Feel free to address any enquiries about the roles there too.

Important: all the positions listed here are on volunteer basis and require a non-fixed weekly commitment

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