Launching our new podcast partnership: interview with Euan Healey from Europe Elects

, by Madelaine Pitt

Launching our new podcast partnership: interview with Euan Healey from Europe Elects
Photo Credit: Europe Elects

The New Federalist is delighted to announce a new podcast partnership with Europe Elects!

Europe Elects was founded by a former editor - Tobias Gerhard Schminke - of our German sister publication - Treffpunkt - in 2014. Six years on, a team of 36 volunteers has built Europe Elects into a leading supplier of polling data and is rated as the 12th most influential media in the European Parliament, ahead of Le Monde and CNN. Just like at The New Federalist, Europe Elects saw a need to provide an alternative to the national coverage of national issues we see so often in the mainstream media.

With the launch of their podcast in December 2019, Europe Elects hoped to be able to continue to provide European perspectives to listeners who wanted to learn more about what was happening outside of their own borders. In this interview ahead of the launch of the partnership with The New Federalist, podcast co-host and Head of Communications Euan Healey speaks to Madelaine Pitt about how the project has grown and what listeners can expect from the podcast.

Future episodes of Europe Elects will be published regularly on The New Federalist’s website and social media channels. The first, concerning the unfolding situation in Belarus, will be out on The New Federalist on Wednesday!

To get more of a flavour of Europe Elects and the podcast, here is a short introductory podcast featuring a conversation with the founder of the project and former editor of Treffpunkt, Tobias Gerhard Schminke.

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