Marking two years of the Russian Invasion, Protestors Gathered in Brussels

, by Promote Ukraine, TNF Editorial Board

Marking two years of the Russian Invasion, Protestors Gathered in Brussels
The protest in Brussels, Photographed by Anastasia Varvarina

Seven thousand people took part in a demonstration in Brussels on Sunday against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. This gathering, on the initiative of Promote Ukraine NGO, is part of an international campaign commemorating the second anniversary of the war.

The demonstration was supported by 13 organisations and citizens committed to supporting Ukraine, associations of Ukrainians in Belgium, pan-European movements, people active in the defence of human rights rights, etc. Participants demanded the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory and an unconditional end to bombing. The demonstrators marched behind a large banner bearing the slogan “Choose Security - Vote Ukraine”. People chanted “Stand up, unite, protect Europe”, “Ukraine wins- democracy wins”, “Arm Ukraine now”, “Support Ukraine, protect Europe”, “Make Russia pay”.

“The Battle for Europe is happening in Ukraine right now. In the face of tyranny, solidarity stands as our strongest weapon. Today, in Brussels and across the globe, we raised our voices against injustice and aggression. Let this demonstration be a beacon of hope for Ukraine, a testament to the power of unity in the fight for democracy. Together, we demand peace, we demand justice, and we stand with Ukraine until victory is secured.” - Marta Barandiy, Chairwoman, Promote Ukraine

The demonstration was attended by the Ambassadors of Poland, Taiwan and Latvia to Belgium, and Temporary Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

‘’My country Latvia has supported Ukraine since day one. But in order to win, Ukraine needs our support in the future. Both in deeds and words. We have to support Ukraine until its complete victory. And - we will continue tirelessly explaining to our partners what is at stake. By supporting Ukraine, we protect our freedom. Ukraine is not only fighting for us but fighting instead of us. Therefore we must ensure the means that enables Ukraine to win.” - Aiga Liepiņa, Ambassador of Latvia to Belgium

“We need to build the future of Ukraine today, build a continent in which peace is not the absence of war but one where we build, together, a future in which war is impossible. Of course this will require reforms, from Ukraine which is already implementing changes at incredible speed in dire conditions but also reforms on EU side, to make sure we give ourselves the means to succeed in our ambitions, that the vetoes and blackmail against support and enlargement to Ukraine do not happen again.” Said Christelle Savall, President of JEF Europe, in her speech.

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