Media seminar 2018: The road so far

, by Juuso Järviniemi, Věra Dvořáková

Media seminar 2018: The road so far

Connecting minds, uniting Europe! Treffpunkt Europa, Le Taurillon and The New Federalist will co-organise an international media seminar in Berlin from 27 to 29 April next year. In anticipation of next year, it’s a good occasion to recap what’s been happening so far, and what is ahead.

The seminar builds on previous events organised between JEF web magazines, including the media seminar in Frankfurt last summer. 2018 will be an exciting year ahead in JEF, as preparation for European elections intensifies with time. Of course, the fact that we get to have the seminar is thanks to you who voted for the seminar project on Robert Bosch Stiftung’s vote earlier. Thanks to your contribution on the On y va vote, the foundation will provide us funding for the event!

Behind the scenes, the teams of the three magazines have been planning the programme for the weekend. The draft schedule comprises workshops on coordination between the different editions, on journalistic training and more. There is a limited number of spaces in the seminar, but there will be space for writers from different editions in the seminar. More to follow in the new year!

In order to get the full funding, Treffpunkt Europa, Le Taurillon and The New Federalist were invited to send delegates to take part in the On y va seminar in Berlin. The purpose of this was to present the project to the participants as well as the organisers, exchange ideas with others and maybe even come up with some new ones. Three of our contributors were sent to represent our media seminar: Arthur Molt from Treffpunkt Europa, Marie Pouliquen from Le Taurillon and Věra Dvořáková from The New Federalist.

Apart from the presentation of our media seminar, the delegates had the opportunity to participate in various workshops regarding the development of projects, financing, communication or public relations. But this doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun! Quite the opposite – after all the hard work was done, all the participants got to show their culinary skills when they attended a cooking workshop together.

During these three days, our three contributors were busy with networking and discussing different projects with their fellow participants. After the seminar was over and they had the time to reflect, they came up with several ideas and improvements regarding our own seminar. But we are not going to tell you now – you will hopefully experience it on your own this April in Berlin!

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