Meet « Sport corner », the new TV programme on sports and Europe at the heart of European institutions

, by Sport et Citoyenneté, Translated by Artus Galiay

Meet « Sport corner », the new TV programme on sports and Europe at the heart of European institutions

The New Federalist has a partnership with the think-tank Sport and Citizenship. We would like to share with you a video presenting this new TV programme.

Sport and Citizenship is the only European think-tank which focuses on the study and the promotion of sport’s values.

As part of its activities, Sport and Citizenship regularly organises in the European Parliament conferences/debates labelled “Sport corner”, a new TV programme on sport and Europe at the heart of European institutions.

This programme covers the various European issues related to sport and regularly updates on latest European developments. It offers a spot to those who make sport alive, that is the sportswomen and sportsmen themselves, but also European institutions, and various private and public entities.

The latest broadcast featured Hubert Genieys, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Communications and Sponsoring at Nestlé Waters, and the European Commissioner in charge of sports, Androulla Vassiliou. Laurent Thieule, President of Sport and Citizenship, chaired the debate. This broadcast was made on February 3rd 2014 in the European Parliament studios in Brussels.

The debate was the opportunity to highlight European institutions’ past achievements, and set the path for future projects, which include:

- The European Council’s first recommendation on sport: stress the importance of exercising a regular physical and healthy activity.

- The Erasmus+ programme will include for the first time a “sport” dimension, which will include financial support.

- The “European week of sport” project, which the Commissioner intends to organise by September 2015.

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