Messages From TNF Board and Staff for Europe Day

, by TNF Editorial Board

Messages From TNF Board and Staff for Europe Day
Strassbourg in Europe Day, 2009, Francois Schnell, CC BY 2.0 <> , via Wikimedia Commons

On the occassion of Europe Day, marking the anniversary of the Schuman Decleration, selected TNF board and staff members provided special messages regarding what Europe means for them, offering a diverse perspective on Europe and its future.

"For me, Europe is Freedom. The freedom to move around freely, have quality education, choose my own destiny in life, express myself and enjoy the highest levels of personal freedom in the world. Those freedoms are guaranteed by European laws and institutions as well as the constant vigilance of European citizens.

In the next few years, Europe will remain under threat by malicious actors from within and outside the EU. Geopolitical tensions, pressure on our social fabric, and economic distress are expected to remain a reality. It is our responsibility as voters, reporters, researchers and activists to keep carrying the torch of freedom, protect and nourish it - now and forever, and keep working for a tolerant, pluralistic, and human-loving Europe for all."

Dvir Aviam-Ezra, Editor-in-Chief (Senior)

Europe is a blend of different cultures, histories, traditions, languages and faiths; it is a place united by our common values and our will-to-belong. I chose Europe 9 years ago and continue to fight for my place here ever since; that being said, though my ancestral roots do not lie in this continent, Europe allowed me to plant my own roots here, in hopes that generations of my descendants after me will reap the fruits of the seeds I plant today.

My message is this: believe in the European project, travel around, learn the histories of the grandest of cities and smallest of villages, prioritize the Basque, Frisian or Yiddish languages, just as much as you would French, German or English, study elsewhere, make friends and lovers from cultures you have never ever met growing up.

Europe Day falls on May 9, a day after we celebrate Victory Day. Get yourselves a time-machine and go tell a Pole, a Croatian or a Norwegian, a French, Italian or a German, in the 40s that not only will we tolerate each other and not fight, not only will we maintain some economic ties and occasionally travel to each others’ countries, but will be united in our beliefs of a shared destiny and therefore become one.

Unity, Freedom and Safety to you on Europe Day!

Antonios Tashejian, Editor-in-Chief (Junior)

“Being European means having a certain privilege – the connectivity, the unity, the protection and diversity we all enjoy together in such a dynamic part of the world. Here in Europe, there is a commitment to peace, democracy, and solidarity that transcends borders and brings together people from all walks of life. I deeply admire the way Europe embraces its rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions while fostering a spirit of collaboration and understanding.”

Veronica Micallef, Board Member

“Europe is the cradle of Western values and knowledge: democracy, equality, the rule of law and individualism were born here and continue to shape our way of thinking. An evolving continent, which knew dark time as well, and will surely know them in the future once again, is the most interesting place on earth to affiliate myself with.”

Adi Horesh, Board Member

“Europe, is like that quirky yet dependable friend you never knew you needed until they saved your day. Sure, we might not always see eye to eye on everything, but let’s face it: we’re in this together because it’s just plain smart. It’s like being in a group project where everyone brings their own skills to the table. Plus, hey, those shared values? They’re like the icing on the cake of our continental camaraderie. So here’s to Europe, where pragmatism meets a dash of idealism, and we all come out stronger – and maybe even with a few laughs along the way. Cheers to that!”

Konstantina Georgiou, Columnist

“Europe, for us, embodies the manifested idea that could forge unity among the bloodiest of rivals, passage the peace under the artillery fires of conflicting national interests, serving as a guidebook for a tumultuous world.”

Harjeet Singh, Columnist

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