Sarkozy and the Future of Europe : good, but can do better - commentaires Bad, and can do much worse 2006-09-19T23:29:56Z 2006-09-19T23:29:56Z <p>Let us refer also to the elections, that took place in Mecklenburg - Vorpommern, in which The National Democratic Party (NPD) won 7.2 percent of the vote, making it the <strong>the fourth German regional legislature where an extreme right party is represented</strong>. The party's chairman Udo Voigt is openly calling his party « a follower of the Deutsche Reichspartei », neverthless the party has got a raising success. Although the economic depression is surely one of the reasons, I would appreciate to drew our federalist attention to this recent development and also to the fact, that the voters of this party can no longer be dismissed as misguided, but essentially decent people. The threat one of the strongest states in Europe face is the NPD is on the way to become a legitimate political force.</p>