Young European Federalists demand decisive steps towards a European army - commentaires Young European Federalists demand decisive steps towards a European army 2018-11-22T12:33:42Z 2018-11-22T12:33:42Z <p>A European Army would require a single foreign policy, yet foreign policy is not covered by QMV. To illustrate the problem, this month several EU countries have stated they will not sign the new UN global compact on migration, while others see it as vital. The result would inevitable be deadlock without any action ever being taken.</p> <p>A number of EU states are militarily neutral. The question arises how that will that be handled or are they to be told that this is no longer an option. Certainly while it may be possible for the EU to form a military without any input from these countries it is unlikely that any opponent the EU was fighting would decide that they should not attack the neutral countries. The whole concept of neutrality is therefore removed from these citizens without them being consulted.</p> <p>The comment “to guarantee peace between European countries” suggests that the tension between some EU states is seen as serious. If that is really the case then trying to impose a single military is likely to exacerbate the situation and to be rejected by those considered as ‘illiberal'.</p> <p>In summary, it is difficult to see how an effective common military can be formed without a full federal state preceding it. An attempt to do so as a step towards such a federal state would be rather like the euro, a flawed construct with fundamental problems that causes more problems than it resolves.</p>