The British government reached a new stage in indecency : the “EU Settlement Scheme” - commentaires The British government reached a new stage in indecency : the “EU Settlement Scheme” 2019-01-06T07:12:12Z 2019-01-06T07:12:12Z <p>Its disgusting there can be no debate about that but it would appear we are powerless to stop it</p> The British government reached a new stage in indecency : the “EU Settlement Scheme” 2019-01-04T22:39:40Z 2019-01-04T22:39:40Z <p>The tone of this item is a trifle hysterical. Non UK nationals from the EU wishing to reside permanently in the UK are to be asked to prove they are who they say they are, allow a criminal check to ensure that they pose no realistic threat to other citizens and to pay a pretty much nominal sum. It is difficult to see what is so controversial. For this imposition EU citizens will be able to live and work in the UK ; and rightly so. Travel anywhere in the World that requires any form of visa and you will need to do this just to visit, let alone to live and work. As the EU keeps telling us, we will be a third country.</p> <p>Meanwhile the position of UK citizens resident in the EU is seemingly much less assured or clear, perhaps they will be allowed to stay in the country they currently live in, but who knows.</p> <p>Additionally UK citizens in the near future can look forward to paying the ETIAS fee to simply visit the EU, the UK has not indicated any reciprocal fee for EU tourists. But fair enough, we are the one who want to leave, exercising our rights under Article 50 of the TFEU laws. (As a matter of interest if no country was ever allowed or supposed to leave why was this law written ?)</p> <p>We all remember that the Remain side were paragons of honesty and truthfulness in the campaign, Operation Fear was a figment of popular imagination, shame that the arguments about EU membership also involve matters of sovereignty and accountability as well as economics.</p> <p>You are right, two nations did indeed vote to remain in the EU (with the lowest turnout of any of the 12 electoral regions) but together those two countries represent only 12.72% of all eligible voters. The other two countries represent 87.28%, but we voted as a single entity not as four separate countries. And when we voted we did so in ‘A Peoples Vote'. We were told by the Government (which was campaigning vigorously and relentlessly for Remain) that this was to be the single chance in a generation to decide the issue. We did so and now suddenly we weren't the ‘People', the ‘People' suddenly became the electors who didn't like the result, so who or what exactly are the rest of us ? (By the way don't rely on opinion polls showing a change of attitude, immediately after the closure of the vote on the 23/06/16, Ipsos MORI published a poll stating that Remain had won 54% to 46%.)</p> <p>Over the last several years I have watched this site move from calm articles explaining why the UK would never hold a referendum on EU membership, to what we have here. I would remind you that President Macron, a fervent pro EU enthusiast recognised in January 2018 that it was entirely possible that France would vote to leave the EU is ever given the chance. Perhaps the incompetence, stupidity, moronic behaviour you ascribe to politics in the UK is democracy in action, not something you see over much in the EU.</p>