A Eurotax to finance the European Union - commentaires A Eurotax to finance the European Union 2006-11-23T08:11:39Z https://www.thenewfederalist.eu/A-Eurotax-to-finance-the-European-Union#comment1494 2006-11-23T08:11:39Z <p>I find your proposal attractive but is it realistic ? The actual mood is not really to the transfer of public funds from the member states to EU, especially when the public finances in quite all EU countries are so tight. But the article is right, and for the sake of efficiency,it will be necessary ( the soon the better) to have a bigger EU budget and special taxes. This could be very good also for the appropriation ot Europe by the citizens.</p> <p>Catherine blog « l'Europe dans la campagne » <a href="http://catymi.blog.lemonde.fr/" class="spip_url spip_out auto" rel="nofollow external">http://catymi.blog.lemonde.fr/</a></p>