Finnish presidency : The unexpected agenda ? - commentaires Finnish presidency : The unexpected agenda ? 2006-12-26T13:15:25Z 2006-12-26T13:15:25Z <p>Just a short comment on the provisioned rotating presidencies and the current system. Catherine asked whether we should regret probably not having them in the future ? To me the answer is clear : NO. It's a very costly adventure for any state and 6 months doesn't really allow much continuity in the agenda. Luckily the European leaders started implementing the idea of a so-called troika (the future 3 Presidencies, e.g. the case of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, which will be the next EU countries holding the Presidency from 2007 till mid-2008). This troika system namely enables the coordination of activities, agenda-setting and preparations well in advance. Something that hasn't been the case so far, at least not officially. The Finns and Austrians, however, did start cooperating better together, but solely on their own initiative and good will. So, in this sense, I don't mind giving up the rotating Presidency as it hasn't proven efficient and transparent at all.</p> Finnish presidency : The unexpected agenda ? 2006-12-24T14:24:12Z 2006-12-24T14:24:12Z <p>Thank you for this good article.I agree with your conclusions and the need to work on a « Constitution + ». The finnish Presidency has been a good one, but ,of course, with a new treaty, we will not have rotating presidency any more. Do we have to regret it ?</p> <p>Catherine, blog « l'Europe dans la campagne » <a href="" class="spip_url spip_out auto" rel="nofollow external"></a></p>