International Women’s Day - commentaires International Women's Day 2008-03-13T08:16:51Z 2008-03-13T08:16:51Z <p>The passion with which you wrote the paper tells us, with strong and sensitive words, we need women like you to continue our history so that the man understands sharing and complicity. Thanks</p> International Women's Day 2008-03-09T09:32:15Z 2008-03-09T09:32:15Z <p>Dear Giovanna, very interesting updating, and motivating to be involved and active in the direction of obtaining more rights for all those who are hardly searching for, male or female they are. Anyway, women in work and politics : please no more silly clothes, no more sexual blandishments, no more continuous complaints about too much responsibilities and too less time for our personal care or similar, and ! please ! no more sexual competition between each other... Now we know what does it mean to manage work and family and ourselves : if we really want to play the game, please act more evolved strategies, even if not specifically « feminine ». Love from Milena</p> International Women's Day 2008-03-08T17:56:53Z 2008-03-08T17:56:53Z <p>Thanks for the history ;)</p> <p>On this day, i would like to invite you to watch a video of <strong>Aung San Suu Kyi,</strong> she is a true hero and would deserve 365 of our days : the vide<a href="" class="spip_out" title="The video" rel='nofollow external'>o here.</a></p> International Women's Day 2008-03-08T10:28:12Z 2008-03-08T10:28:12Z <p>On this International Women's Day, I sincerely invite you to watch this beautiful video by REM about Ang san su kyi… <a href="" class="spip_out" rel='nofollow external'>CLICK HERE</a></p> <p>A great hero that the world is going to let die.</p>