A political earthquake that will send shivers down London’s spine - commentaires A political earthquake that will send shivers down London's spine 2008-08-19T12:08:30Z https://www.thenewfederalist.eu/A-political-earthquake-that-will-send-shivers-down-London-s-spine#comment5202 2008-08-19T12:08:30Z <p>Very good article Toni, you have captured the essence of the political scene in Scotland, in particular the fact that the SNP is slowly replacing Labour as the main party in Scotland, this after 5 decades of blanket Labour supremacy.</p> <p>Labour has been punctured over the years with sensational SNP by elections wins e.g. Hamilton 1968 and then the fantastic parliamentary breakthroughs of 7 and 11 MPs in the 2 General Elections of 1974 (Feb and Oct).</p> <p>But the damage was repaired each time and Labour marched on. However last years Holyrood breakthrough is proving to be permanent with the SNP Government and SNP leader Alex Salmond proving far more popular than Labour and PM Brown.</p> <p>Glasgow East and soon Glenrothes are hammering home the SNP's supremacy over Labour and threatening Union with England.</p> <p>Scotland hopes to join Europe as an Independent nation before too long, between 2012 and 2015 I would say.</p> <p>Brian Hill Scottish and European</p>