European Federalism as a Neo - libertarian tendency - commentaires European Federalism as a Neo - libertarian tendency 2008-12-14T19:04:17Z 2008-12-14T19:04:17Z <p>Thanks for the compliments, but I wanna remind You about the « Social-subsidiarity », where the individuals / persons, will be bound together through the idea of social efficiency and neo - welfare concept (something between post-capitalist and practical socialist arrangement of society and the state). This is very interesting issue to discuss, which stress the issues of European social identity and its paradigm. I wanna see Europe as a politically United and social entity, capable to secure and provide the minimum conditions for functional existence, working and progress for all.</p> <p>« The road to pursue is neither easy nor certain. But it must be followed and it will be ! »</p> European Federalism as a Neo - libertarian tendency 2008-12-14T10:50:49Z 2008-12-14T10:50:49Z <p>Thanks very much for this very interessant analysis. I found in it new ways for one oldest federaliste approach named « fédéralisme intégral ». The euro federalism have to be progressist. But it is not so easy to achieve this objectiv, because one danger exist : the concept of subsidiarity can be use to destroy the usefull parts of welfare states and to organise a very individualist society (see the links between subsidiarity and the « neo-conservatives » supporting W. Busch) I hoppe further discussions on this points.</p>