Prohibited to Show One's Colours - commentaires Prohibited to Show One's Colours 2010-03-16T12:38:41Z 2010-03-16T12:38:41Z <p>This is a really powerful and well written article, and I'd like to thank Lars for drawing attention to Libereco's campaign to assist Aleh Surhan.</p> <p>I think it is really important to discuss the related theories and the international reactions to the dictatorship in Belarus, but without articles such as this, that really bring individual stories of the oppressed, it is difficult to contextualise the situation in Belarus.</p> <p>Whilst it is rather heart-wrenching to read of individuals who have been treated this way, highlighting these stories can really drive home why JEF Europe should continue this hugely important campaign for as many years as Belarus is without free and fair elections.</p>