Global democracy : What’s going on in the European Parliament ? - commentaires Go Andrew Go ! 2010-06-15T09:03:57Z 2010-06-15T09:03:57Z <p>Thanks for sharing these insides !</p> <p>The IPU contributes to international politics and will play an important role also in the future, but it should recognize that since it was fouded more than 100 years ago it was not able to solve global problems. The IPU must explain very well why they oppose the idea of a global parliament and they should allow a public debate.</p> <p>I really hope Andrew Duff et al. will get the chance change course once again and maybe also bring the IPU dicussion on the table - it might then be possible to convince the representatives of the IPU of the necessity of an UNPA.</p> <p> :-)</p>