EU Democracy gap because 18 MEPs are still missing - commentaires EU Democracy gap because 18 MEPs are still missing 2011-05-24T20:23:42Z 2011-05-24T20:23:42Z <p>Hi, can you explain me how is the procces of ratification and when this new meps will take these setats in the parliament ? Thanks</p> EU Democracy gap because 18 MEPs are still missing 2011-05-12T21:24:50Z 2011-05-12T21:24:50Z <p>So now the Parliament itself is teaching us, via one of its members, what the EU democracy gap is and that the key to solving it is a pointless temporary measure to increase the number of seats.</p> <p>Well, that's reassuring. So we've got a solution to our problem. And incidentally this solution would give one more seat to the SPÖ and to a friend of Mr Leichtfried's : great, this measure would kill two birds with one stone !</p> <p>754 or 736 MEPs, what would it change ? Nothing.</p> <p>Couldn't the Parliament wait until 2014 to get this futile reward ? There are perhaps more important and urgent aspects in the Lisbon treaty that would need to be dealt with first, aren't there ?</p> <p>I encourage the French Parliament to reject the ratification of this useless measure, and the law implementing it. And I encourage all the 26 other parliament to do the same. It's a shame that the entire Europe is bustling about ratifying this pointless measure, whereas nothing is done to stop the nationalistic behaviors that are currently questioning basic parts of the acquis such freedom of expression or free movement.</p> <p><strong>So please, vote NO on such a meaningless treaty change !</strong></p>