Rescuing Greece : Act 2 - commentaires Rescuing Greece : Act 2 2011-07-07T11:18:39Z 2011-07-07T11:18:39Z <p>I like the article, it's clear and touches upon many issues. However, I feel that the last part at least is highly idealistic. If the aim were to become the USE, then maybe this could work, but clearly this is not likely to happen. It took the member states over two decades to negotiate for the EEAS, is it conceivable that one day their finances will be pooled by an EFM ? Would this then mean that the UK has to make choices ? Exciting ! It's a nice idea though.</p> Rescuing Greece : Act 2 2011-06-21T14:55:56Z 2011-06-21T14:55:56Z <p>Congratulation for the article. Somebody has clearly to pay for the mess. Responsibilities are spread between negligent people and those who closed their eyes, therefore, the bill should not be presented only to a third party now. And lessons must be drawn for the future obviously. « Remember the golden rule : who has the gold makes the rule ». Those paying for the crisis have to set the rules for a decent future for all Europeans. All the best. Papaphilippos</p>