Part-time Ashton ? Challenges facing the EU’s High Representative - commentaires Part-time Ashton ? Challenges facing the EU's High Representative 2011-10-18T12:34:26Z,04527#comment10336 2011-10-18T12:34:26Z <p>It is perhaps too early to say that this job is mission impossible. We should not forget that Ashton was in no way candidate for this position. She was appointed by leaders of the PES without running for high-representative, we could even say without her own consent, as she was informed while getting off a train on her way to London.</p> <p>I think we should wait for the next HR/VP to see. <strong>If political parties manage to select candidates for the job in an intelligent way, things might change in 2014.</strong></p> <p>Concerning her achievements, I would include her position on Palestine's application for UN membership. Ashton took position without waiting for all Europeans to find an unanimous agreement, which would have taken centuries. I find that courageuous.</p> <p>In any case, the formula of 'double hat' may be a difficult challenge, but it should be extended to reduce the number of actors and simplify EU governance (> EU president, Eurozone minister).</p> <p>Finally, what bothers me the most with Ashton is the way we call her. « Baronness Ashton » may be the correct way to address a member of the House of Lords, but <strong>it's not an appropriate way to call a EU leader, who should all be considered as commoners, even in English !</strong></p>