Open Letter to the Heads of State and the President of the European Council - commentaires Open Letter to the Heads of State and the President of the European Council 2012-05-28T18:41:49Z,04676#comment13526 2012-05-28T18:41:49Z <p>"all proposals for the next steps of European Integration must be discussed in a transparent and democratic way. A new Convention could be a relevant step to involve citizens and their representatives in the European unification process." When did the EU ever involve citizens in the relentless move towards ever closer union ? It has always functioned on the basis of a ratchet of incremental changes in which each change forced the next. The Euro is the best example of all, who could ever have believed in a single currency without the eventual need for a single government. (The British argued against it consistently) Well here we are in May 2012, no Eurobonds, Greece on the brink of exit from the Eurozone (and therefore EU ? No I am sure the rules will bebent once more.), no movement to end opt outs etc. Tends to prove your argument really, the existing processes don't work but clearly people don't support further integration. The validity of the entire EU project is therefore increasingly questioned. If the utter mess was not so serious it would be laughable. Bottom line is the mess is entirely because of a complete lack of democratic authority within the EU, coupled with the certainty that if honest questions were put to the people they would be rejected out of hand. “Those that the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad” True of any unselfcritical edifice.</p>