How can we create a European identity ? - commentaires How can we create a European identity ? 2012-06-15T14:24:13Z,04835#comment13906 2012-06-15T14:24:13Z <p>I agree with your comment.</p> <p>Please, do not exagerate about what we might call the « German domination ». In the recent weeks and months, Germany has committed itself to a deeper integration ; in my opinion, it is France that must accept an evolution in the European integration, if we want to solve the economic and governance crisis in the eurozone. Due to its federal and parliamentarian political regime, Germany usually respects the European Parliament and the European institutions in general.</p> <p>Finally, I think that a sense of common identity could surely contribute to the fact that everyone will feel fairly represented in Europe.</p> How can we create a European identity ? 2012-03-04T19:20:56Z,04835#comment12548 2012-03-04T19:20:56Z <p>I agree on all you wrote. I´d just add that in order to everyone be equally represented in Europe the institutions must be respected. It makes no sense that Germany is the only one in charge of making decisions and the rest of the institutions like the EU parliament,president and commission stand still watching.</p>