Young, gifted and unemployed in 2012 - commentaires Young, gifted and unemployed in 2012 2012-11-05T20:44:44Z,04870#comment15114 2012-11-05T20:44:44Z <p>My advise is for the resourceful to leave the zone for a while under these circumstances - go where the greener pastures are for a while if they can.</p> <p>The benefit on the other side of it, is that Europe will have more soft influence on these places where these young and talented wunderkinder are going.</p> <p>The other telling lesson is one of learning WHY there is no growth, despite a raft of schemes, help, and regulations. My guess is that the downturn is having a larger effect on the employability of people entering the workforce because of a raft of schemes, help, regulations, and CARTELS in just about every sector of employment in most of the Eurozone.</p> <p>If the ineffectual efforts aren't removed with extreme prejudice, and the syndicalist issue isn't addressed head-on, any of those wunderkinder that have, or will depart will certainly not come back.</p>