For a Europe without borders ! - commentaires For a Europe without borders ! 2012-09-20T17:44:23Z,05171#comment14778 2012-09-20T17:44:23Z <p>Could « we » not envisage making a single site, in addition to the Federalist, the Treffpunkt Europa, The New Federalist,, which would add up versions with Italian, French, English and German. A European version with the articles translated into 4 languages. It would perhaps strengthen European federalist translation policy, which incidentally works well since when it is launched. Useless to argue about the benefits to the European objective of European identity (?) Much of the readers and contributors of the Federalist continue.</p> <p>What are the obstacles to achieving that allow a « jump federal » ?</p> <p>Sorry, it's a google translation</p>