Yes or No ? We are all Scottish - commentaires Yes or No ? We are all Scottish 2014-09-11T09:03:32Z 2014-09-11T09:03:32Z <p>If I were a scottish citizen, I wouldn't vote independence for the following reasons :</p> <p>First, Scotland has a large autonomy. The real matters in which Scotland has no sovereignty are the foreign affairs. If Scotland decides to become independant, it will have such sovereignty only in a theorical constitutionnal reality. Scotland is not powerful enough to have a real independant foreign policy and to have an influence on the international relations (neither is United Kingdom, only a European diplomatic federation is able to carry such power).</p> <p>Secondly, as European federalists, we criticize the Member-states because of their national selfishness ; they do not care about long term European interests, but only about their short-term leader's interests. Therefore, we should avoid praising such selfishness at the regional level when we blame it at the National level.</p> <p>Then, if we consider voting independance because of the fear that the U.K could leave the EU, and doing so, force Scotland to leave the EU as well, why didn't we decide to organize the referendum about Scottish independance after the British referendum about the UK's withdrawal from the EU ? Scottish people could have saved the UK form such withdrawal, and if the majority of the British citizens had decided to leave the EU anyway, then Scotland would have decided to leave the UK to go back in the European Union.</p> <p>Finally, it contradicts two European values, as this articles reminds very well : first, we are stronger together, and this is why the EU has been created. The second one is the unity in the diversity, that is to say the idea that our differences are not a weakness for our unity, but a strength. If we fail to honour these two values at the National level, why would we do so at the European level ?</p>