Czech-German Relations in the European Context - commentaires Czech-German Relations in the European Context 2021-12-06T20:12:39Z 2021-12-06T20:12:39Z <p>Quote</p> <p>« if Germany wants to get rid of the misperception of dominating European power »</p> <p>That's not a misrepresentation at all. Germany IS the power, and before the war it was the undisputed power. It earned more Nobel prizes in science than England, France, Russia and the United States...combined. With the intellectual theft after the war, and the theft of Eastern Germany after the war (between 1945 and 1955) what was called Eastern Germany after the war was actually central Germany, Eastern Germany was stolen by the Russians and the Poles.</p> <p>German lost much of its power, however, it is still THE power in Europe, it is also the HEART of Europe. So yes, it is dominating, despite having been severely damaged (lost 800+ years of its history and its heart lands with the theft of Eastern Germany) it is still at the top.</p> <p>Of course, and if you keep attacking it, you will simply end up destroying the entire continent, you can't destroy the heart of it and think it will survive. Lastly, German is not only a European power but a global power.</p>