Think about what is desirable, not what’s affordable !

, by Rémi Lauwerier

Think about what is desirable, not what's affordable !
From March 9th to 12th, 150 citizens from 38 countries refund Europe in Strasbourg ©Joël Hellenbrand

Day 2 of the European Youth Convention

Since yesterday the 150 EYC delegates are focused on writing a Constitution for Europe at the European Parliament. They’re rebuilding the European project from scratch, with the support of the Malik Management Institute’s method.

Syntegration© - mix between synergy and integration - “is a methodology that maximizes involvement and therewith brings about a new quality of participation”, says Professor Fredmund Malik, founder of the Swiss institute. Different to traditional political processes participants constantly switch between listening & debating phases. Team work alternates with Visual applause sessions. This way, the EYC members can get a global insight of the progress of the final text.

Innovation is at the heart of the EYC. The method enables members to overcome pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes. The 12 on-going workshops don’t build upon the current EU. They’re not looking for steps that will be achievable by tomorrow. They’re refunding our continental institutional space to shape the world they share in Europe.

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